Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sign of the times

I saw a Rolls Royce yesterday.  In the parking lot.  At Walmart.

I can't quite decide if this makes me a little happy or a little sad.  It was an older model, like the one pictured here, and it had a WWII Disabled Veteran's plate on it.  That sort of made me happy because, hey, WWII disabled vet-good on him for being able to enjoy his golden years in style.  It also made me laugh a little because, well, it was a Rolls Royce.  At Walmart.  This is the part I can't decide about.  Maybe this person has just always been frugal and that's how he was able to buy himself a Rolls Royce, in which case, we could all take a lesson.  On the other hand, maybe this is just a sign of the times, that the Rolls Royce owners of the world have to shop at Walmart now, in which case, man, are we screwed!

What unusual things have you been seeing lately that might be a good sign of the times?     

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