Monday, March 29, 2010

What is this "Wind Lines" of which you speak?

If you click on my profile, you might notice that I appear to have two blogs, this one and one called Wind Lines.  If you click over there, you may even notice some posts that look like they were posted by me.  This isn't exactly the case.

Wind Lines is a resource for the local paragliding community where you can find information about flying in Hawaii, whether you are a seasoned pilot or are looking for someone to take you on a tandem flight.  Pilots regularly post about their flying adventures, and they usually include photos.  These posts are great for visiting pilots who might be interested in coming to Hawaii to fly as well as for local pilots.  Not only do you get a feel for where to go to fly, but there is often something to learn from someone else's flying experience.  Even if you have no interest in paragliding, I would encourage you to click over and take a look at some of their photos-there have been some really amazing shots, stuff you don't normally see in your everyday "Come to Hawaii!" advertising.

So, how am I involved in this again?  Well, I'm not, but my husband is a new pilot, and he wanted to be able to contribute stories, and since I already have this whole blog thing set up, we figured he could just use my profile.  So, if you want to read about some of his adventures, you can go over to Wind Lines and look for postings that appear to be by me, Dreamybee, or you can also look for posts signed by Duck.  It's a good thing he's loving this flying thing because, believe me, he has taken a lot of ribbing for posting under the name Dreamybee!  Poor guy-maybe we'll get him his own blog set up one of these days...or not-that would take away from his flying time!

If you're looking for something to do on your next Hawaiian vacation, and you are looking for a new adventure or just want to see the island in a way that most people never do, I would definitely recommend contacting one of the tandem instructors to inquire about a flight.  I've gone on a short ride-conditions weren't quite right for a longer flight-and even though we weren't in the air for long, it was still really cool.  If you are thinking about becoming a pilot, are already a pilot, or know someone who is a pilot and wants to fly in Hawaii, direct them to Wind Lines-the folks here are all really friendly and very welcoming to visiting pilots.

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