Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Bank of America

Dear Bank of America,

I tried protecting your anonymity here, when I mentioned the two times you accidentally charged us $150 for Overdraft Protection that we didn't need, but I no longer care.  We have a checking account and a credit card with you.  We have overdraft protection set up so that if our checking account is ever overdrawn, it will pull from the credit card to cover the overage.  You decided to randomly charge $150 to our credit card (twice!) in the name of "Overdraft Protection" even though our checking account was never even anywhere close to being overdrawn.  The second time you charged us a late fee on the $150 that you inappropriately charged to our account-fair enough.  We probably should have contacted you sooner about this mysterious $150 charge.  After about 8 hours on the phone with your various minions, you agreed that an error had been made and that this situation would be corrected.  This resulted in a $4.19 credit to our account, for which you sent us two (2) checks, each in the amount of $4.19.  We deposited the first check and decided that the second check must have been an error and never tried to deposit it.  Silly us!  It must have been the first check that was the error because, guess what!  It has been returned unpaid due to a stop payment order.  So, now not only do we not get the $4.19 that you owe us, but we now owe our (non-BofA) bank a $5.00 returned-item fee.  Thank you.  No, really.  This is AWESOME.  

Considering moving all of our accounts to another bank

Seriously, am I out of line for expecting more from a financial institution that just received millions of dollars in bailout money?  I know the bailout money doesn't really have anything to do with me and my little situation one way or the other, but come on!  Can't they do a little better job with all that money than this??

The first check was issued on December 1, the second on December 4.  It is now January 6, and at no time during the past month have we received any correspondence from BofA saying, hey, our bad, we sent you two checks.  Please don't cash one of them; if you have already cashed it and it has somehow resulted in fines or penalties we would be happy to take care of those for you.  We value you as a customer and apologize for the inconvenience.  

Oh yeah, also, we got a nice little notice from the credit bureau folks indicating that our credit report had changed.  You want to guess why?  I will give the BofA folks credit for at least jumping on that little fire and putting it out.  They sent a letter to the credit reporting agency immediately stating that we have a zero balance on our account and that it is not, in fact, past due.  So.  At least there's that.  

Wish my husband luck as he spends another 4 hours on the phone trying to straighten out this matter about the checks.  Is it worth it, or should we just suck up the $9.19?  Honestly, it's not worth the time it's going to take to fix it, but it's the principal of the thing, dammit.        


Mike said...

That stinks! I hope it gets worked out.

Banking problems can be a huge pain. We had someone get our debit card number several years back. Just before Christmas, mind you. Now, the bank let he know if the fraud, and said it will be taken care of. Unfortunately, we believed them, untill the bounced checks started rolling in; including our mortgage. Needless to say, we had a little face time with some people there. It took a while to clear up with everybody, but it wasn't easy.

Like I said, I hope yours goes better. :)

Dreamybee said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Glad you got your situation cleaned up-face time definitely goes a long way-but what a mess in the meantime! Unfortunately, there are no BofA branches here. We've been with them forever, and it was easier to keep our accounts with them than not when we moved here.

Janet said...

This is why they need a bailout...crappy customer service and a attitude of non-caring.

Dreamybee said...

No kidding! What pisses me off is that they get it! For what? Crappy customer service and an attitude on non-caring, that's what!

Meg89 said...

Wow, mark Bank of American off my list of places to consider going.

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting Literary Menagerie today!

Dreamybee said...

Hi Meg!

I have to say that BofA's Military Bank is good, just not the regular BofA.

Thanks for stopping by!