Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's up with my dreams last night?

During the course of one night I dreamed that

1. I was on my way to school, driving through the neighborhood that I grew up in with my dad and 5th-grade friend/little sister (you know how people morph in dreams). Well, actually, my dad was driving, and he was getting all frustrated because traffic was backed up so he decided to take a "short cut." You know how that always goes, right? Anyway, we drive across the street and start going through this neighborhood, then all of a sudden, we drive off this ice cliff into an icy sea. I tell my friend and my dad to let me know before they open their doors or windows so that I can get a breath of air. At least I'm thinking clearly. So, they tell me, they open up, we make it to the surface, blah, blah, blah everything's fine, and we end up attending a birthday party for someone who ends up being a baby elephant. Weird. Also, Awwwww, baby elephant!

Anak(large) and an unamed baby elephant.Image via Wikipedia

2. my car was stolen while I was working. I drove to a location, found out it was the wrong location, had to walk to the right location, and when I came back there was shattered glass all over the parking lot and my car was gone. Bummer.

3. I was driving with my little sister/new niece (again with the morphing and fluidity of roles) and the brakes wouldn't work on my car. I finally figured out I could put it in neutral and get the brakes to work, but there were some scary moments when we were driving in reverse (something I'm not very good at IRL) where I was afraid we were going to get slammed going through intersections because I couldn't stop at the stop signs. Luckily, we were out by where my grandparents live, in a semi-rural setting, so there wasn't much traffic. I eventually got things mostly under control, but every time we'd try to start again, something wasn't quite right. I knew I didn't want to keep driving the car the way it was, but we were supposed to be going on a long trip that night. I think we eventually called it a night and went inside to my grandparents' house.

In scenarios 1 and 3 I found myself in familiar settings but in scary situations. I was able to think clearly and rationally and not cause greater danger to myself than might otherwise have been the case, so that's sort of comforting...unless it's some kind of sign that I'm soon going to find myself in some scary situation involving my car. Then again, my dad just told me a story about a recent run-in he had with a state trooper, my husband was caught up in nasty traffic last night, and I've been watching that clip they keep playing about the firemen who pulled that kid out of the burning car. So, maybe that's just all been on my mind. Also, my work often sends me into areas where I'm not sure if my car will still be there when I come back out, so I'm sure that's all that was about...*crosses fingers, knocks on wood, etc*

Does your real-life drama play out in your dreams? Do you ever solve anything in your dreams? Are there people/places you dream about regularly even though they haven't been in your life for years? And, come on, admit it, who has the recurring naked-in-public dream?


Jeanne said...

I dream about running a lot, while in real life, I haven't been able to run for years. Have you ever read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams? One character in it says that our dreams are about two weeks behind our real life, so that if you go on vacation, you dream about your regular life, and then when you come home, you dream about your vacation. I've found this to be true.

Dreamybee said...

I haven't read Animal Dreams, but that's an interesting theory. Normally, I would have said that's probably about right for me too, but just in the last month or so my dreams have been very real-time, like dreaming, in detail, about stuff that I am currently dealing with in my real life in a straight-forward, non-symbolic way. I can't really ever remember that happening before.

Frances said...

How interesting! Sounds like you have some car issues for sure. HA My remembered dreams are often about being in strange houses, or the house changes and I get lost and spend the rest of the time trying to find my way, with various people from my past, childhood and present floating in and out in various roles. I could draw a picture of what the interiors look like, for they are so often the same, dark wood mantels and low light. We do watch a lot of HGTV house hunters right before bed each night! :-)

Dreamybee said...

Maybe it's just my past driving record coming back to haunt me! My high-school/college years were fraught with accidents from minor, no-damage ones to major car-totaling ones.

I always dream about the house I grew up in, but I have your same getting lost issues in my high school-I can never find my locker or my next classroom or something. I guess maybe I was more lost in high school than I thought?