Thursday, August 6, 2009

A brief thought before my next post

So...I have a follow-up post to my review of Same Kind of Different as Me scheduled to go up at 12:46AM-totally random time, I just didn't want to post it immediately after my last post-it's now 12:24AM, and I've just come from Bethany's blog, Dreadlock Girl,where she has a post up about how she is inspired by people preaching on the street. It inspires her to "aim to be Christ seeking instead of self-seeking and how to really lay it all down." If you read my previous post, you've probably gathered that this is the exact wrong way to try to get a message across to me.

Also, in the second video that she has in that post, the young man preaching is talking about how God sees us, which I thought was an odd coincidence since I just talked about how one of the things that got to me was Denver saying that, "You never know whose eyes God is watchin' you through."

I just thought it was kind of a cool coincidence that we both had posts up which were so different in tone and yet sort of going in the same direction.

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