Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day-March 2010

Well, I seem to have a bunch of things that are about to bloom, but, relatively speaking, not a lot that actually is blooming.

My rose is about to bloom. I should have three new flowers any day now!

My spider lily is about to bloom. I should have bunches of new flowers any day now!

Ooh!  I found one that is just starting to bloom.  See how it has bunches of new flowers that will be bursting forth any day now?

Aside from that, I don't have much to show you that you haven't seen before.  Instead, I am going to enlist a little help from my local Safeway, where I picked up this bouquet a couple days ago.  Actually, they were two separate bouquets, but I thought all the oranges and corals of the "regular" bouquet would go nicely with the oranges in the tropical bouquet; and, I happen to think I was right!  I particularly love the fiery yellow/orange of the gerbera daisies.

I also like the little green pine-coney flower behind the daisy.  After doing a little research, I believe this might be Zingiber zerumbet or Pinecone Ginger-ha!  At least I know my descriptive skills are up to par.  This is also known as shampoo ginger because if you squeeze it, you get a milky substance out of it that you can use as shampoo.  (You might have seen "Awapuhi" on a shampoo bottle and wondered what it is.  Well, now you know!)  Maybe I'll try it next time I wash my hair and let you know how it goes.  That would mean taking it out of the bouquet maybe not!

What do you think?  Should I leave it in my arrangement or use it to wash my hair?

I didn't have too much going on in my yard today, but I bet if you go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens, you can find lots of other stuff  blooming on this March Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


Iris said...

I vote for leaving it in the arrangement. I LOVE your spider lilies! (I have a few but it's way too early for them here.)

Marie said...

The spider lily is exquisite!

I don't know about the shampoo ginger - I know if it were mine, I couldn't resist the temptation to try it on my hair.

Gail said...

Lovely and I think I like about bloom flowers...there is a wonderfulness about the promise of a bloom, the flower poking through that makes me smile! Happy GBBD....gail

noel said...

i love the photo progression of your spider lillies...beautiful

sweet bay said...

I love the spider lilies and pine cone ginger -- very striking.

Vetsy said...

Hello..Dreamybee Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I too like the spider lilies..How pretty" I'd like to get some of these exotic beauties in the future.

Curiosity would cause me to go after that ginger...I would leave it in the arrangement for a couple of days..

Then I would replace it with something else just as cute so that I could try it in my hair.

Ivynettle said...

I was just thinking a couple of days ago, there should be a Bud Day, too, not just a Bloom Day.
I love the spider lilies - I think I saw bulbs for these (or something similar) recently, but I'm so totally out of space!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Dreamybee said...

Iris-Thank you! I'm sure your spider lilies will be blooming before you know it!

Marie-Thank you! I'll let you know what happens with the ginger if I go through with it.

Gail-The promise of a bloom is indeed sometimes just as good as a bloom itself. It's like seeing the presents under the Christmas tree-how exciting! What's in there??

Noel-Thank you!

sweet bay-They are both very cool in very different ways, aren't they?

Vetsy-I am curious about the ginger, but that's the first time I've ever seen one like that, so I kind of hate to take it out of the arrangement. I've seen them in their more mature, yellow/orange state, but never tiny and green like that.

Ivynettle-I'm sure you could find space somewhere! (Is it wrong to be a plant enabler?) ;)

kris at Blithewold said...

From one cynical Pollyanna to another - it's all about the little things. And that's why I vote for using the ginger in your hair. That spider lily is outstanding, by the way!

Ivynettle said...

I'm pretty much just waiting until I get my own apartment and balcony to clutter up with plants. We'll see if that works out this year.

Dreamybee said...

kris-How about if I put the spider lily in my hair instead? LOL-can you tell I'm shying away from the shampoo thing? Actually, that IS one of the things I love about that plant, the fact that the stems on the flowers are long enough that I can successfully tuck them behind my ear. See? Still celebrating the little things. :)

Ivynettle-Good luck on the apartment! I will try not to be a bad influence until you have your own place. :P

Wendy said...

cool - I didn't know that about awapuhi - always wondered what it was! Well, next month's GBBD post will be spectacular! The spider lily is really lovely.

Dreamybee said...

Wendy-Isn't that cool? I always thought they just used the flowery smell or something for the commercial shampoos-I didn't realize the inspiration came from the fact that the flower itself was used for shampoo here.