Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunset and Moonrise

These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when my dad was out here visiting.  We spent the day in  Honolulu and then caught the sunset from Magic Island.  As we drove home, we were graced with a  beautiful moonrise and pulled over to get some more pictures.     

The pictures above were taken from Kualoa Beach Park.  I love that the moon is so bright that you can see not only Chinaman's Hat in the foreground but also the Marine Corps Base Hawaii in the background (the part that kind of looks like a turtle).   

This last picture was taken just a little bit past Kahana Bay Beach Park.


Mike said...

Wow! That was a bright moon. Nice pictures.

Are you sure the thing that looks like a turtle isn't Gamera?(I think that's how you spell it. )

Dreamybee said...

Hang on, Googling "Gamera"...Haha! Maybe it is! Maybe the Marine Corps Base is just a giant cover up-all the military force is really there to keep Gamera in check.