Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day-May 2011

Happy May, everybody!  It's the 15th of the month, and you know what that means--Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, is showing off garden blooms from all around the world.  Stop by to see what else is blooming or to share your blooms.

Today, making its first GBBD appearance is my canna, Cannas Picasso.  It had a hard time getting started; every time it would poke its little head up above the ground, the snails or slugs would come along and mow it right down, but we finally managed to get it past that phase, and big enough to bloom.  Yay!

Putting on a pretty constant show on my back porch is my Blue Daze, Evolvus glomeratus.

This red ginger will soon be making an appearance in its own Progression Obsession post.  I've been documenting its unfurling since about the middle of April. 

Still blooming like crazy are my white spider lilies, Crinum asiaticum

Even though it's gotten floppy and fallen over into its neighboring pot after all the recent rain, I still love my rose, (Mardi Gras (Jacfrain)) and I'm glad it lasted just long enough for Bloom Day.    

In that same pot, my sweet alyssum is gaining ground again after a harsh pruning last month. 

 My bouganvillea usually doesn't have a lot going on, but, again, thanks to the heavy rains, it is full of color right now.

My plumeria continues to put out one or two flowers a day. 

My poor plumbago never gets any attention here because it is always in bloom--it's like the good kid who never gets any attention because he's *always* good, but I thought it deserved some love today.  

I think these snapdragons are getting darker with age, but I like the deeper burgundy tones that are setting in after the lighter pink has "faded". 

I always try to plant zinnias, and they always do well for a few weeks and that's about it, so this might be the only appearance this one is going to make here.   

Next to my zinnia (see them in the picture above?) are my little lobelia, which, despite what the guy at Home Depot tried to tell me, are not Johnny Jump-ups

Another constant bloomer, my Golden Shrimp Plant, Pachystachys lutea

This Hardy Ice Plant, Delosperma, is another new addition that I hope will last longer than one GBBD. 

Same goes for this Gazania.   

And, finally, the lizard population always seems to be blooming  in my yard.


Nell Jean said...

I see summer in your post. We'll have gingers and shrimps and cannas and other tropicals in a month or two. I'm glad to see them now at your place.

greggo said...

The bougenvillas remind me of San Antonio. Lots of sunshine and

The Sage Butterfly said...

I love the little lizard at the cute! Your flowers are lovely. I think I will get some spider lovely. Happy GBBD Day!

Wendy said...

I love seeing your bloom day photos!! I love the shrimp plant, plumeria and... well, I was going to list a few more, but i guess I just really like them all!

Dreamybee said...

Nell Jean-The funny thing is, the reason you're seeing so much summer is because we just had a couple weeks of hardcore winter, winter rains that is!

greggo-Yes, when we're not getting torrential rains we do get lots of sunshine and heat.

The Sage Butterfly-It took a couple years for my lilies to get established, during which time they would flower infrequently, here and there. Now that they are establisehd though, I have almost constant blooms between all of my plants. I even have one in a pot, so if space is an issue that's still an option.

Wendy-Thanks! LOL--I feel the same way--it's sort of like naming my favorite child!