Saturday, June 7, 2008


Stock Challenge June 2008 is on! Over at Growing Money there is a contest to see which reader can pick the most successful stock for the month. By most successful, I mean a stock that will have a higher percentage gain than any of the other stocks picked for this competition.

My pick is InBev NV (INB). I am picking this stock because A) they deal in alcohol, and alcohol is fairly recession-proof. People will find a way to fund their vices. You may not be able to drive to work, watch cable TV, or go on vacation, but you can usually afford a six-pack and B) there are talks of a pending purchase of Anheuser Busch which I am counting on (no matter how unrealistically) to go through by June 30th, when the contest will end. Mmmmmm....beeeeer.

I realize my reasoning my be less-than-scientific or even rational, but it's what I'm working with. Wish me luck!

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