Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Silversmyth is giving away jewelry!

I have mentioned my friend, Julie, a few times on my blog while trying to provide you with last-minute gift ideas, mostly because I never plan far enough ahead to just give you gift ideas.  Anyway, Julie makes beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry, mostly sterling silver, and now she is giving some of it away!  If you head over to Silversmyth.com blog right now, you can enter to win  a pair of sterling silver earrings.  Go!  Go now!   

Also, here's a tip for a great mother's day gift:  Buy your mom some jewelry from Silversmyth.com.  See?  I can do non-last-minute gift ideas!  Also, Easter-when is Easter?  Ooh!  April 12, that gives you plenty of time to get yourself some pretty new earrings or a nice bracelet to wear to Easter services.  Cuz, you know, Easter's all about the bling.


Jeanne said...

Oh, yeah! Mother's Day! Thanks for the reminder--I need lots of lead time to find something my mother doesn't already have, and maybe silver jewelry is the answer this year.

Mike said...

you know, you are right about Easter. I know for a fact that the Easter Bunny now sports a jewel encrusted "B" around his neck. And, yes, it is silver.

Seriously, it's a nice thing you are doing. For your friend, and us. Thanks!

Dreamybee said...

Jeanne-Yay! I feel like I have done some good in the world!

Mike-Great, now I'm picturing a Flavor-Flav-type Easter Bunny running around, wearing the giant bling. Thanks for THAT! LOL!