Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go climb a tree!

No, seriously.  Remember how I told you about my tree climbing adventure back in September?  Well, the weather is turning nice again, and if you've been thinking about checking out tree climbing but weren't really sure if it was something you wanted to commit to, this might be the perfect opportunity.  

June 6, 2009

Oregon City, OR

Tree Climbing Northwest Work Party-Help prepare the climbing site by spreading mulch, setting climbing lines, and other care-taking activities and then enjoy a guided climb, try out gear, and play some games.  This is the location where we did our class, and it's a beautiful area. 

For more information or to reserve your spot in the work party, contact Tim "Tengu" Kovar at treekster@mac.com 


Meryl said...

Wow, it looks like that was awesome!

Dreamybee said...

It was-we had a great time!