Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day of Beauty

I have tried several times to get a Moonflower vine to grow here in Hawaii, and I've never had much success before. I've had several that never grew at all; and the last batch I planted* grew, bloomed, and went to seed during my six-week trip to the mainland last fall...less-than-stellar planning on my part, I admit. Not to be deterred, I gathered the seeds from my already-done-blooming plants and threw them into a pot in my front yard. Well, my persistence (and better timing) has finally paid off! Yesterday afternoon, this beautiful, all-white blossom surprised me with a mid-afternoon opening. I didn't think it would bloom until the night, but what do I know? It has been pretty cloudy and dreary here, so maybe it was just confused.

Later that night it got rained on...

This morning, it appears to be on it's way out.

No worries though; it looks like another one's on its way!

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