Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day-April, 2012

Well, I wasn't even going to do an official GBBD post today because there's hardly anything blooming in my yard right now, but then I went outside and saw this. 
I figured since it went through all the trouble of opening for me on exactly the right date, I couldn't NOT post a picture of my rose, "Mardi Gras (Jacfrain)".

My ice blue plumbago is always blooming, and so is my Cuphea hyssopifolia (False Heather/Mexican Heather/Hawaiian Heather).

My lantana is spilling over our rock wall, which is nice because normally it's all on top of the wall, where I can't see it or photograph it.

My red ginger is a little overexposed here, but I like the way it came out all glowy, so I'm keeping this picture in the lineup.

That's it for today, but please visit our Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day hostess, Carol, at May Dreams Gardens to see what else is blooming around the world.

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