Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Read-a-Thon: Hour 11

Well, after a 9-hour...let's call it a nap, I'm back to the Thon. I feel like naps are allowed but sleeping just implies failure to plan. So, nap it is!

Kristen wants to know where we'll be reading, so here is a picture of my current location. Oh dear, can you can tell which side gets the most use? I think I need to rearrange my furniture to even out its wear and tear!

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Ali said...

That looks like a really comfy spot to read! I can't believe I didn't catch that you had written more updates. I just thought you were too busy reading to post--but normally I would hit the home button just to be sure and for some reason I didn't. Sorry! Here's a belated "rah! rah!" for you. :-)