Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Perfect Burning Man Accessory

Ok, so I know it's cutting it close to bring this up now, but the lovely Julie, over at , makes these cool little wire man pendants, and every time I see them they remind me of Burning Man. Since the 2008 Burning Man season is about to commence, I thought I would mention this. This might be a cool thing to wear as you journey around the desert checking out works of art, communing with other Burning Man attendees. If you aren't an artist yourself, but want to participate in the artistic contribution, maybe you could buy a whole bunch of these and give them to people you meet as you make friends and build memories. (I understand things work on a barter system out there, so perhaps you could get a beer or some sunscreen or something in return.) If you are going with a group, you could get them as sort of a group memento to remind you all of this amazing experience. I mean, photos are great, but you don't want to have to carry those around with you all the time; and let's face it, you are probably going to be drunk (or something) in a lot of those photos-you definitely don't want to carry THOSE around with you everywhere.

You can wear jewelry everyday, and every time you look at it, it will remind you of all the fun you had and you can smile. At work and having a bad day? Look at your little wire man and remember your crazy trip to Burning Man. Smile wistfully and think twice about spitting in your customer's food. Stuck in traffic? Contemplate all the little coils that make up the little wire man and how representative that is of all the different twists and turns in life and how all those twists and turns resulted in all those people finding their way to Burning Man for one crazy summer in the desert. Smile and shake your head at the wonder that is life and think twice about ramming that jackass in the Hummer who just cut you off. In the hospital, recovering from some drunken debauchery at Burning Man? Press the button on that morphine drip and pass a few hours being mesmerized by all the little coils. Smile drunkenly. See? Not only is it a cool piece of jewelry, but it helps promote world peace!

Alternatively, I think this would also make a good gift for somebody you know who has attended Burning Man and found it to be a life-altering experience (or even just an extremely awesome time). It would also be a good gift for yourself if you just want a good conversation starter-"Hey, that's a cool little man! Where'd you get him?" (But it would be cooler if you had a good story to go along with it! Hmmm...maybe you could talk Julie into making little swimming men or little weight lifting men or something else that says something about who you are. It's sort of like having a tattoo, but you can take it off at the end of the day!)

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