Sunday, August 17, 2008

Props to the Spirit of Freedom on their customer service

Recently, I wrote about my snorkeling experience on the Great Barrier Reef, specifically on board the Spirit of Freedom dive boat. I mentioned how my experience might have been better, and I finally decided to go ahead and send an email to the company in that regard. I suspect they don't get many snorkelers-most people who sign up to live aboard a dive boat on the GBR are going to be diving, after all, so I imagine they don't focus a whole lot on what to do with snorkelers other than make sure they make it back on the boat. While that's a GREAT start, I think there are some easy ways that they could make a single snorkeler feel a little more comfortable. Anyway, I just wanted to say that within 24 hours I received not one response but TWO acknowledging my email and thanking me for my suggestion. So, way to go, Spirit of Freedom! I don't know what you'll actually do with my suggestion, but thanks for at least making me feel like you care.

Maybe a reader could book a trip with them and report back to me. I'm sure somebody could find a legitimate way to write this off in the name of research!


Heather J. said...

gotta love great customer service!

in relation to what you wrote on my post about "Imagining Argentina" ... that U2 song IS about this time in Argentinian history - I think there's a Sting song about it too - you can read more about it (and about the Mothers of Plaza Maya) on Wikipedia

Dreamybee said...

Definitely! It seems like it's getting harder and harder to find these days.

I'll have to check that out-amazing, the things that go on in this world.