Friday, August 15, 2008

Why I'm telling you to go read someone else's blog

Heather J. over at Age 30-A Year of Books posted a review about Genuine Men: Journeys in Stories and Stills. I haven't read the book myself, but from what I can gather, it celebrates positive male role models, and isn't that something worth celebrating these days? Heather has asked people to comment with stories about their Genuine Men, and so far it's a great read. So, grab your box of Kleenex and head on over there to read about some Genuine Men and nominate one of your own. Feel free to leave a comment here as well!

So, as if this isn't great all by itself, Heather is giving away a copy of Genuine Men: Journeys in Stories and Stills to one of her readers after September 2nd, so get on over there and acknowledge one of the great men in your life!


Heather J. said...

Thanks for posting about my contest, and for you wonderful comment about the Genuine Men in your life. :) I'm so enjoying all the comments.

Dreamybee said...

You're welcome! It's a great post, and I hope you get lots and lots of comments!