Friday, September 26, 2008

What I'm Reading Now-City of Ember

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau-This is a book for older kids/young adults, but I liked it anyway. At the beginning of the book we find out that Something Bad has happened, but we're not told what. The Builders have created an underground world, and when it is safe for humanity to surface again, certain events will unfold that will help guide them along. Well, there's a hitch in the plan, and the city of Ember ends up supporting it's underground inhabitants longer than it was meant to. There are power outages; they are happening more frequently and lasting for longer and longer periods of time. Supplies are running out, and people are starting to panic. The mayor assures the citizens that everything is fine, but there's something not quite likeable about the mayor. Two of Embers young residents, Lina and Doon find themselves in positions to help the city, and the search is on for a way to fix Ember or get out.

This book was a quick and easy read, and I enjoyed it. It is the first in a 4-part series, and I will probably read the other books eventually. As soon as I was done reading City of Ember, I thought, "I bet that would make a good movie." Lo and behold, what is coming out on October 10th? Okay, so I'm not always on top of what's going on in Hollywood, but I do know which kids' books will make good movies when I read them! I am going to chalk this up to one of my weird little reading coincidences, which I've mentioned a couple of times now, even though it's not a big one, it's still fun to have something to add to my collection!

Also, Ann discusses this book during Books On The Nightstand's podcast, episode #14, which you can listen to here. She and Michael discuss a lot of other books too, so don't skip it just because you've already read my post! I enjoy all of their podcasts, but this week's discussion includes the topic of banned books and Banned Books Week. This is something that just baffles me, so it's always interesting to hear people talk about it.

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