Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's big purple suit time!

That's right, every year about this time, I pull out my big purple suit*.  Because I get cold.  Laugh at me all you want, but for me 72 degrees with a breeze blowing in off the mountains is cold.  The fuzzy socks are more of an all-purpose, year-round thing.  They make me feel like a Muppet, which is fun.     

*The big purple suit is basically a sleeping bag with leg holes and arms, and it's awesome!  It's like one of those footie sleepers that you used to wear as a kid but without the feet.  I wonder if I could wear this on the airplane. 


Kori said...

I love that; I need one. Because I cannot stand to be cold, and am in fact very nearly always chilled and very rarely do I EVER get too hot. My socks like that are green, and the kids tell me I look like a Grinch when I wear them. All the better!

Meryl said...

Oh my gosh, I *so* need one of those! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Dreamybee said...

Kori and Meryl,

Yes, the big purple suit is awesome! I wish I could tell you where to get one, but I honestly have no idea! My husband bought this for me several years ago when we were in Colorado.

I just did a quick search though, and came up with this site, which offers actual footie pajamas for adults.