Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who had the best voter turn out?

Here in Hawaii 63% of registered voters cast their ballots in this historic election.  Since Barack Obama grew up in Hawaii, many people thought that voter turn out would be a lot higher because people would turn out in a show of local support.  Although Hawaii did deliver the second largest margin of victory for Obama at 72% over McCain's 27% (Washington DC was first with 93%) the overall turn out was still a bit low, historically speaking.  In 1960, 93% of Hawaii's registered voters participated in the general election, and it has since dwindled to its current 63%.    

So, how did your state do?    


Mike said...

I live in Illinois. I don't know the exact numbers, but I believe we had a very high turn out. And a good chunk went to Obama, as can be expected since he lives here now.

Dreamybee said...

Cool! So far, we have results for Hawaii and Illinois...sort of. :-) Anybody else out there?