Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happiness A-Z: E

If you don't know what's going on, go here, or just keep reading. It's fairly self-explanatory. :)


1.  Elephants - They're just cool.  They're smart and they take care of each other and they do that thing where they hold onto each other's tails like they're holding hands.  And baby elephants.  OMG!  They're so cute!

2.  Emotions - They separate us from the robots.

3.  "Eeeee!" - How else do you let people know that you've just seen a mouse or been caught unawares by the sprinklers?

4.  Ernie - What a happy, optimistic guy, full of empathy for others.  And that laugh!  

5. Earrings - They make you pretty...well, prettier.

6.  Easter Eggs - They're pretty, fun, AND edible.

7.  Eating - I think I'd just die if I couldn't eat!

**Edited 2/21 to add that this post is also a part of ABC Wednesday-go check out other "E" posts over there.


Cinj said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you. You sound like my kind of person! Who doesn't like Ernie?

Dreamybee said...

LOL-Exactly! I think entire interviews and first dates could be conducted on this question alone.

"Do you like Ernie?"



inadvertent farmer said...

Hooray for fave of all time! Kim

Jeanne said...

Have you seen Avenue Q? Or heard any of the songs (available on YouTube)? It's the greatest parody of Sesame Street ever, with particular attention paid to Bert-n-Ernie.

Dreamybee said...

Kim-I think as an all-time favorite, I might have to go with Kermit, but Ernie definitely runs a close second.

Jeanne-I've heard of Ave. Q, but I've never seen one of their shows.

Frances said...

Hi Dreamybee, these are great rays of sunshine on a cold day. Thinking about things we love is a wonderful way to cleanse our minds and moods. I especially loved the Dads stories. Those are both men to be admired, you and your husband are very lucky to have had those influences in your lives.

BTW, love Ernie.

Sue Swift said...

Can I add Evergreens? They keep us going in the dark days of winter ...

Jeanne said...

Here's my favorite Bert-n-Ernie song from Avenue Q:

Dreamybee said...

Frances-Thank you. Yes, I do think that we were both quite lucky in that regard.

Sue-Oh, absolutely! I love evergreens too. In fact I wrote about how much I love evergreen forests in a post last year. Thank you for reminding me!

Jeanne-LOL. That's pretty funny! thanks for the link.