Friday, April 24, 2009

Elizabeth Bintliff and Daisy the Cow

I am happy to announce that both made a respectable showing on "The Colbert Report" last night.  As I'd hoped, Stephen Colbert gave her a little bit of slack and allowed her to actually get some information out about her organization, Heifer International.  

You can watch the full episode here.  Elizabeth Bintliff's interview starts around 14:50.  You can also go to the Heifer web site to watch the clip of Elizabeth's interview.


Mike said...

He's usually pretty good with charities and respectible people, he gives political types the most problems. Glad it went okay.

Dreamybee said...

Yeah, that's true. It always cracks me up when people get on his show and get all flustered because he's not letting them say what they're trying to say. Have they never watched the show??

Mike said...

Probably not. I saw the intro to the show: I cracked up when he said they should be sending food instead of live animals. :)