Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read-a-Thon Hour 20 (!) Mini Challenge

Shel and Monica at The Hungry Readers want to know about food.  What deep dark food secrets have kept us all going for the last 20 hours?

Nothing too deep and dark here, but I have realized that I have a pretty standard formula when it comes to food-some form of carb topped with some sort of dairy and some kind of fruit or vegetable.  So far today I've had

Breakfast/snack #1:  Bread with cheddar cheese and apricot preserves, toasted in the oven until golden bubbly.  I would have preferred fontina, but I didn't have any; and, let's face it, in a pinch any cheese will do.

Dinner/snack #2:  Rosemary olive oil bread with olive oil and pesto, topped with mozzarella, zucchini, tomatoes, and pine nuts.

Dessert/snack #3:  Cream Cheese Pound Cake topped with Citrus Cream and blueberries.

In any "thon"-triathlon, marathon, read-a-thon-hydration is important.  Unfortunately, this is not my strong suit, but so far today I have had 1 cup of coffee, 1 glass of home-made lime-aid, and 1 glass of water.  Well, OK, my glass of water is still full, but I'm working on it.  I promise to finish it sometime in the next 5 hours.

I don't go too crazy with the reading and eating thing.  I will read while I'm waiting for stuff to cook, but I generally put the book down to eat.  I'd rather not get food all over my new books (they're new!) or the library's books (that just seems rude) so I'll take a break and turn on the TV while I eat.  As far as food prep, I had most of this stuff ready to go last night.  The cake was made the cream was whipped, the veggies and cheese were sliced; all I had to do today was assemble and eat.  


Shel said...

My goodness, you're a healthy eater!

Thanks for the detailed entry.

Dreamybee said...

You saw the part about the pound cake, right? LOL!

Valerie said...

I tend not to eat while I read, either! Newspapers, ok; but not books.

You have made it this far into the read a thon...keep up the good efforts!!

Valerie said...

ha ha, I just realized my comment sounds like I eat newspapers, but don't eat books...I better head up and make myself a cup of tea :-)

Dreamybee said...

Valerie-So, you DO eat books? j/k! :)