Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read-a-Thon Hour 7 Mini Challenge

Rebecca at The Book Lady's Blog wants to know who our pantyworthy authors are.  What?? Well, you'll have to go visit her blog for the explanation.

I think it's fair to say that Mary Doria Russell is now, officially, my favorite author, but I don't think I would feel quite right throwing my panties at her.  She seems like a respectable lady, and that just doesn't seem right.  If I were going to throw some panties at her though, I think I would throw a new pair of nice comfortable undies so she could sit in comfort and write some more things for me to read.  There's nothing like uncomfortable underwear to make you cranky and slow down the creative process!

My reviews of The Sparrow and Dreamers of the Day sort of explain whey MDR is pantyworthy, but if I had to sum it up, her writing just seems so effortlessly beautiful.  She can so perfectly capture the nuanced emotion of a moment, a thought, a relationship in such a way that I get it, and yet I know if I tried to write the same thing it would come out garbled and labored and overdone.    

Other authors I would consider pantyworthy:

Christopher Moore for making me laugh so hard I was snorting and crying.  In bed, no less.  Seeeexxxy.  (I'm referring to Lamb:  The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal)

Kathryn Stockett for writing such great characters in The Help.

Diane Setterfield for The Thirteenth Tale .  I loved reading this book.  There was just something atmospheric and engrossing about it, and I enjoyed the actual reading of it the way I don't with most books.

Alexander Dumas for The Count of Monte Cristo-the man can tell a story!

Oh!  And comfy undies for everybody so they can go write me some more books!  Except Alexander Dumas.  Because he's dead and he probably wouldn't understand modern-day underwear.


Valerie said...

LOL about your comment on Dumas and modern-day underwear. Did they even have any during his era :-) ?

Happy reading!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Fantastic post!!!! LOL

softdrink said...

That last sentence had ME snorting.

Florinda said...

I came here to leave a cheer - "Rock on, Readathon-er!" - but I loved your answers to this challenge.

I think Mary Doria Russell is amazing, but I can't consider her #pantyworthy either.

And I met Christopher Moore last night - at a signing for Bite Me. He's just as funny in person :-).

Somer said...

Love the post! Have fun with the rest of the readathon!

Rebecca said...

Yes! I see that Florinda got to you first, but I am so thrilled to see Mary Doria Russell listed. She is definitely worthy of panties, or anything else she wants, for that matter.

Thanks for taking the challenge!

Rebecca said...

Okay, obviously I didn't read carefully enough the first time. I got so excited to see MDR's name that I assumed you said she was pantyworthy. Now I shall disagree with you and Florinda and contend that she definitely is.

Dreamybee said...

Rebecca-No, no, no! MDR is totally pantyworthy, but I just don't think I would feel right actually throwing my panties at her. I would totally send her a nice comfy pair in the mail though. In a legitimate, non-creepy manner.